Abstract (Deadline for submission: 16 October 2020)

Abstracts submissions should have:
1. Descriptive title in English
2. Text of 200-300 words in English
3. Five (5) keywords
4. Name of authors, name of institutions / companies in Greek and English, as well as contact details (telephone and e-mail address)

Submit abstract

The abstracts of the works will be examined by the scientific committee, which will decide on their acceptance or rejection by October 23, 2020. Of particular interest will be the immediate implementation works concerning collaborations and extensions of actions between the institutions.

Submission of a recorded presentation (Deadline for submission: 24 November 2020)

For the submission of the recorded presentation there will be further information and consultation with the authors of the works that will be accepted by the scientific committee.

Submission of full working text (Deadline for submission 24 November 2020)

The works that will be accepted, must meet the following requirements:
1. Descriptive title
2. Summary of 200-300 words
3. Five (5) keywords
4. Name of authors, name of institutions / companies in Greek.
5. Working text of about 2500 words including bibliographic references, but not abstracts.
6. Text format in editable format (eg doc, rtf, etc.) to ensure uniformity in the publication of practices.

Please send the full text by email to the Organizing Committee by November 24, 2020.

The main language of the conference is Greek, however, papers in English are also accepted.

The papers will be published electronically on the website of the Conference and the Library of the National Technical University of Athens, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Copyright notice

The Authors submitting papers to this conference agree to the following terms:
1. The authors retain the copyright to their work, while allowing the conference to place this unpublished work under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows others to freely access, use and share the work. stating the paternity of the work and its initial presentation at this conference.

2. Authors may oppose the terms of this Creative Commons license and enter into separate, additional contractual binding arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution and subsequent publication of this work (eg to publish a revised version in a journal), to include it in the list / repository of an institutional body or to publish it in a book), mentioning its initial presentation at this conference.

3. In addition, authors are encouraged to publish and share their work online (eg in institutional directories or on their personal website) at any time before and after the conference.

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