Dear Colleagues,

In order to be prepared for the submission of papers, the topics of the 26th PCAL conference are listed below:

  1. Libraries and Special Conditions and Crisis Management
  2. The role of the Library in a suspended University 
  3. Remote Library Services
  4. Self- Service Users
  5. Health Protection of Personnel and Users
  6. Interoperability and Interconnection of services
  7. Collaborative Operation Models
  8. Research Data and Repositories
  9. Alternative Models of Research Publication and Dissemination
  10. Intellectual Property Rights and Research Ethics
  11. Open Access, Open Data, Open Science
  12. Education and Competences in Open Science
  13. Fake news and Information Literacy
  14. Project Management Practices in Libraries
  15. Learning Analysis, Data Collection, Text Extraction and Data Science
  16. The role of a Library in Distance Education
  17. Academic Libraries – services & actions for local communities and Citizen Science
  18. Medical Information and Medical Libraries
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